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Fiber optic waveguides are the fascinating alternative to systems based on electrical conductors: they allow data acquisition, data transmission and direct illumination without electrical conductors, i.e. with complete insensitivity to electromagnetic influences (EMC). Unfortunately, optical fibers made of glass or quartz glass have a very small core cross-section, making the associated system technology complex and costly. Polymer optical fiber (POF) is an optical fiber, too, with many typical advantages, but it avoids the high system costs due to a substantially larger core diameter. POF and systems that can be implemented with it are DieMount’s specialty.

Polymer optical fiber: Properties and applications

Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) is an optical waveguide like glass fiber, but in contrast to it, it is made of transparent plastic, which is not brittle and can therefore be assembled using simpler processing methods. Due to a significantly larger core diameter of 0.25mm up to more than 6mm, the coupling tolerance requirements are much lower compared to the glass fiber.

Main application areas of POF system technology are:

  • data transmission over short distances (typ. up to 100m),

  • fiber optic sensor technology for measurement of physical quantities (strain, acceleration, force, color, temperature, …) in EMI critical environments,

  • illumination of textiles and design objects by integrated special sidelight polymer fibers (SL – POF).

Components and systems

Passive optical POF - components

Active optical POF components

POF systems

Fiber optic sensors with using POF

Illumination systems with POF