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Power LED Pointer

The adjacent sketch shows the structure of a PowerLED pointer. The light of a 40mil PowerLED with approx. 1W electrical power is efficiently coupled into a short piece of polymer fiber. The homogeneously mixed light emerges from the fiber end face and is projected via a lens onto the surface to be illuminated. By means of a small slide glued to the end surface of the polymer fiber, an image can be projected enlarged.

The optical properties of the imaging system depend on the following parameters:

  • diameter of the fiber end face: realized LED pointers with fiber diameters from 1mm to 3mm,
  • the focal length of the imaging lens: lenses with 30mm and 15mm are available for the lens holder used,
  • the distance to the surface to be illuminated.
We can vary these parameters according to customer requirements.

Power LED Pointer

light spot of PowerLED Pointer

light spot of PowerLED Pointer comprising cross image slide

Power LED Pointer with 60mm Fresnel lens

We transfer the principle of the Power LED Pointer to lenses with a larger diameter and longer focal length. This increases the overall brightness while reducing the size of the light spot. Reducing the core diameter of the poymer fiber from 3mm to 1mm further reduces the size of the light spot. 

The picture shows the projection of the Power LED Pointer with Fresnel lens and 1mm pigtail (left), with 3mm pigtail (center) and the standard Power LED Pointer (right). To illustrate the different brightness of the light spot, the image shows the light spots in black and white.