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1x2 POF-Splitter and its variants

1×2 POF-Splitter, standard

The 1×2 POF-Splitter, standard, has low excess loss. Preferably it is used for system applications that don’t require high crosstalk attenuation, e.g. in illumination or optical power splitting in sensor systems.

The 1×2 POF standard splitter comes with 3 alignment ferrules that are crimped to standard 1mm POF with 2.2mm jacket. Slight pressure to the ferrule fixes the cable.

Minimum order quantity of 1 x 2 POF Splitter, standard, is 5 units.

1x2 POF-Splitter, Low Crosstalk

Low Crosstalk is an important issue of datacommunication and fiber optic sensor systems that couple a transmiiter LED and a photodiode via a splitter to a single POF fiber. Low crosstalk allows to avoid the transmitter coupling to the nearby receiver. The 1×2 POF Low Crosstalk splitter has low excess loss and high crosstalk attenuation as well.

The 1×2 Low crosstalk POF splitter comes with a plastic ferrule at the splitter tip. A 1mm standard POF with 2.2mm jacket is fixed via a lock nut adapter screw. Due to our fabrication process 1×2 POF splitter come with a splitter branch length of about 60mm. The maximum splitter branch length is limited to 120mm.

1×2 POF-Splitter with long fiber pigtails

Applications that require a splitter branch length of more than 60 or 120 mm, a special manufacturing process can be used to fabricate POF-Splitter with arbitrarily long splitter branch lengths. The POF-splitter area itself is protected by a metal tube. The connections to 1mm POF cables are made with drew adjustments ferrules. The excess loss of this splitter type is higher compared with standard splitters, because the insertion loss of 4m well polished POF cable is in the order of 2.5 to 3 dB.

1x2 POF–Splitter with V-pin connector

The 1 x 2 POF V-pin splitter is used advantageously in a system with V-pin connectors. By using a plugged-in POF cable with V-pin connector the input cable may be as long as required. The 1 x 2 POF V-pin splitter has no low crosstalk characteristics. On request, the splitter arms can be fabricated with every desired length and connectors of different types (e.g. V-pin, FSMA, SC) can be attached to the fiber ends.

Unsymmetric 1x2 POF-Splitter

By unsymmetrical grinding of the splitter blanks it is possible to produce 1×2 POF-Splitters with a splitting ratio from 67/33 to 75/25. Unsymmetrical splitters are used where an optical signal is to be monitored via a monitor diode and yet its power is to be influenced only slightly. Pitch ratios of 90/10 cannot be produced for reasons of mechanical stability of the splitter blanks.