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Light Sources for Fiber-Optic Illumination

Description of the required characteristics:

Special LED modules as light sources are required for fiber optic illuminated lighting projects. The requirements for these modules differ in various aspects from the LED transmitter modules used for data transmission. 

  • Since the fiber diameter is usually large and also not standardized, there are no optical connectors. A flexible connection system without connectors is needed.
  • Fiber bundles must be uniformly illuminated so that each individual fiber is perceived as equally bright.
  • The optical coupling efficiency should be high to keep the heat loss low.
  • The package geometry should be suitable for “textile integration”.
  • Applications in wearable textiles require a waterproof design suitable for washing machines.

The DieMount Solutions

To meet the above requirements, 2 basic designs were developed:

- SL POF Power LED in aluminum cylinder with 16mm diameter

The SL POF Power LED module contains a PowerLED (LED chip with 40mil/1mm edge length), which can be operated with a continuous current of up to 350mA. The LED is coupled into a light mixer with 3mm diameter. A protruding crimping ferrule is used to fix the cable to be illuminated with a maximum outer diameter of up to 3.5mm. When a fiber bundle is connected, the individual fibers are uniformly illuminated in the range up to the 3mm diameter.

The SL POF Power LED can be connected to a voltage source via a series resistor or to the existing USB port of a device via a constant current source.

The SL POF Power LED module is available in white, red (630nm or 660nm), green (520nm) and blue (460nm).

On request, the SL PowerLED module can be manufactured for larger diameter bundle fibers with an inner diameter of the ferrule of 4.5mm and larger.

- Dual SL POF Power LED

The Dual SL POF Power LED module contains two series connected Power LED ( LED chip with 40mil/1mm edge length) which can be operated with a continuous current of up to 200mA. The optical design is the equal as the SL POF Power LED, but the current in the Dual SL POF Power LED module should not be increased above 200mA to prevent the rectangular aluminium housing from overheating.

Due to its flat design, the module is intended for integration into equally flat illumination objects. With a suitable design, both end faces of the fiber can be inserted into the module, so that the maximum, evenly illuminated fiber length is doubled (see half-value length).

On customer request the Dual SL POF Power LED module can be manufactured in a waterproof version.

RGB Power LED Module (COB)

You can electronically change the color of the sidelight fiber with RGB – modules. The newly developed RGB Power LED module (COB) allows the electronically controlled mixing of the colors red, green and blue. Connected to a WiFi or Bluetooth LED controller, a corresponding app can perform each color change. The videos below show some color change variationscreated with such an app with the connected SL POF types 3mm white, fiber bundle 0.5mm and fiber bundle 0.25mm.

RGB Power LED Module (COB) from DieMount