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Overview LED Emitters

LED dice are diffuse emitters and emit light in every half-space direction according to Lambert’s radiation law. Thus, an LED cannot be used directly for point illumination or the projection of an image.  The situation is different when the light from the LED die is transformed by ray formation means such as a parabolic reflector around the chip.

Two different ray formation principles are used in the DieMount modules.

Ray formation by lens: Pointer LED

The design of this device is based on a short polymer fiber mixing unit that homogenizes the light radiated from the LED. The fiber endface is projected via a lens to the illuminated area. In case that a small slide, e.g. a cross or a pointer image, is fixed on the fiber endface, this image is projected. The complete optical assembly including a 1W LED is compactly enclosed in an aluminium housing and used as a light pointer to assist the operator handling a complex machine. The image light spot is sharply outlined. It can be used in light barriers, too.The use of LED light ensures eye safety and long term durability.

Ray formation by parabolic reflector: Spotlight LED

A different design principle is used for the Spotlight LED: a parabolic metal submount reflector focusses the light in a first step. In order to realize narrow beam angles the beam shaping is geometrically extended in a second step with a second parabolic reflector made of transparent plastic.

The Spotlight design generates narrow beam angles, but unlike the Pointer LED the light spots don’t show sharply defined image borders.

The Spotlight LED is available with 12mil LED in a small module and with 40mil LED as PowerLED in a larger module.