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Design and features of the Spotlight LED

The Spotlight LED is based on a construction technology with parabolic reflectors. The LED chip is located in the focal point of a metallic micro reflector, which is extended in its parabolic geometric shape by a plastic reflector inserted into the metal reflector.

Optical beam shaping is achieved by combining both reflectors: the metal reflectors captures the light rays emitted at large angles to the optical axis and guarantees the module’s high optical efficiency, while the plastic reflector also redirects the light rays emitted at small angles to the optical axis by total reflection thus ensuring the the module’s very narrow beam opening angle.

Important for some applications is the property of the spotlight LED to emit only”cold” light without infrared components. This enables their use in conjunction with temperature – sensitive materials, on temperature . sensitive electronic sensors and also on foodstuffs,e. g. chocolate pralines.

2 Spotlight LED designs

The design of the Spotlight LED is developed for two types of LED chips: 12mil chips for the “small” Spotlight LED with typically 10mW and 40mil chips for the “large” Spotlight LED with typically 1W electrical power.
The small spotlight LED of the dieMount are manufactured with the constuction technique of microstructured submounts. They emit the entre light of the LDED chip with high efficiency in a small solid angle range of approx. ±3 – 4°. The light losses occuring with other LED packages are largely avoided. 
LED emitters
LED emitter: power LED spotlight

Power LED Spotlight

The Power LED Spotlight can be manufacted either with a microstructured submount or as an LED in SMD design. Characteristic for both is the aluminum cylinder for heat dissipation of the LED power loss. The LED module can therefore be plugged in purely electrically without having to take into account the otherwise necessary thermal heat dissipation via the plug contact.

LED emitters
lightspot of a PowerLED spotlight module
illumination for microscope working
Spotlight lamp with LED moduls
wall washer with LED moduls
Wall Washer Linear with LED moduls
Wall Washer top with LED moduls