About us - DieMount from the beginning to today

DieMount GmbH was founded in 2001. In addition to the shareholder – managing director Dr.- Ing. Hans Kragl, the Swiss OptoNet AG has been a shareholder since 2006, too. Initially located in Erfurt from 2003 to 2006, the company was located until 2022 in Wernigerode, Saxony – Anhalt. Since January 2023, the operating site is located in Aachen.
DieMount was founded on the idea of bonding the LED die into a microstructured submount with high mechanical precision in order to increase the precision of coupling an optical fiber. The company’s name and logo are derived from this design. The fact that the submount is excellently suited for optical beam shaping and dissipation of the heat generated by the LED are further features of the assembly technology with microstrured submounts.
DieMount Winner of the IQ Award Miteldeutschland 2009

The new assembly technology for fiber – optic LED modules was initially used primarily for the development of data transmission systems for in – inhouse networks. Thanks to the excellent coupling efficiency for LEDs of almost any wavelength it was possible to fabricate optical transceivers with e.g. blue light and significantly higher transmission range compared to usual systems with red light. In combination with the invention of manufacturing process for 1×2 POF splitters (POF, polymer optical fiber) with excellent optical properties, a communication system for bidirectional data transmission on only a single optical fiber could be developed and brought to market maturity. For this DieMount received the IQ Innovation Award Mitteldeutschland in the field of information technology in 2009.

However, the new coupling technology for LEDs and the splitter technology developed in parallel were also used in fiber optic sensor technology and lighting technoloy from the very beginning. With the shift of the focus of the system application to sensor technology, the know-how acquired there over time could be systematically built up and used for an overall concept for fiber optc sensors based on the polymer otical fiber POF. Today this is the basic for fiber optic POF sensors for strain, acceleration, color and in the near future also temperature sensors.

Lighting technology with LED modules for sidelight fiber optic systems and projector spotlights remains an important field of activity for the DieMount.