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Standard LED with coupled POF pigtails

If high optical power is required in hard-to-reach places, such as inside an apparatus or in a remote outdoor location, without the possibility of directly mounting the LED and its power supply there, POF coupled LED modules are a possible solution.

The module generates optical powers of up to 10 mW at the POF end face with only 20 mA LED current thanks to a high coupling efficiency between LED and POF. We manufacture modules with other coupled optical fibers (POF or fiber optic) upon request.

We generally do not guarantee an achievable data rate of the modules since the LED modules with POF pigtails are intended for lighting or sensor applications. Special LED chips for high data rates are available.

Power LED with coupled POF – Pigtail

In special applications, the maxim possible optical power from LED into a 1mm standard POF is required without the coupling efficiency or power consumption of the module being a factor. In these case, LED modules are available in which the POF is butt-coupled to a 40mil PowerLED. The highest optical power is coupled intp a POF with a diemeter of 1mm, if its end face touches a 40mil PowerLED with the same area.

The coupling efficiency is significantly lower compared to a module with beam shaping like the micro parabolic reflector, so that a high heat loss occurs. Up to an LED current of 200mA, this can be dissipated via an enlarged and thermally very well connected heat sink. Flags made of copper foil can be additionally attached to cope with the heat loss when operating at 350mA.

Power LED Modules for thicker fibers

We developed primarily the PowerLED module for coupling thicker (3mm – 6mm) plastic optical fibers or fiber bundles as used in conjunction with sidelight fibers. Of course, optical endlight fibers with a similar diameter can be coupled, too.