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Active POF splitter

Active splitters are components used for coupling multiple wavelengths into an optical fiber. They consist of several individual components: a 1 x X splitter, which distributes one fiber to X fibers, and the LED modules, which are connected to each of the X fibers.

Since the wavelength of the LED modules is almost free selectable, a mixture of arbitrary wavelengths can be generated in the wavelengths as combined in the splitter. This setup is useful design concept for RGB sensor applications.

 Depending on the application photo detectors like PIN diodes may substitute the LED module.

Applications are:
  • POF fiber optic sensor systems that require 2 or more wavelengths to acquire the measurand,
  • if the POF cable is designated to illuminate a small target at a hard-to-reach place with light of different colours,
  • a WDM (wavelength devision multiplex) transmission system that transmits signals with at least 2 different wavelenghts.

In order to calculate the system‘s performance, e.g. optical output power, the splitter insertion loss and symmetry, respectively, must be known.